About Dragon Rock Games

Welcome to Dragon Rock Games! We’re a tabletop roleplaying game company that’s all about bringing your fantasy adventures to life. It all started in 2016 when our founder, Scott Bean, published his first two player character classes on the DMs Guild. Those classes – the Anti-Paladin and Spirit Shaman – were such a hit that Scott knew he had to keep going.

Since then, Scott has been busy collaborating with other amazing creators and working on some really exciting projects. One of the most exciting was “Faiths of the Forgotten Realms,” a book that Scott not only wrote for, but also managed, edited, and proofread. Talk about a jack-of-all-trades!

But Scott’s not just a one-trick pony. He’s also worked as a freelance writer for other companies in the tabletop roleplaying game industry, and has even started his own company – Dragon Rock Games LLC – to bring even more amazing fantasy adventures to life. And that’s just the beginning! Keep an eye out for more adventures, as well as some awesome swag like t-shirts, dice, and drinking cups.

Thanks for stopping by and we can’t wait to see what amazing adventures you have in store!