Our Dungeon Masters Guild Titles

Ah, traveler of the Internet, it is good to see you! Allow me to enlighten you about this fascinating page we have discovered. It is dedicated to titles published on the DMs Guild, where Scott Bean, the owner of Dragon Rock Games, has contributed.

Here, we can explore unique character options, exciting mechanics, and immersive ways to enhance our Dungeons & Dragons gameplay. Fear not if you are a new player or a seasoned veteran, for there is something for all of us! With this collection of player supplements, we can discover new play styles and find fresh inspiration for our adventures.

It is a treasure trove of knowledge, and I believe it could be of great use to us on our quest. Let us peruse this page and see what wonders we may find!

A wise old wizard smoking a pipe.
The Psionicist Class Book Cover

The Psionicist Class

Welcome to the world of psionics, where the power
of the mind is as deadly as any sword and as versatile
as any spell. The psionicist class is a true master of
mental manipulation and communication, capable of
bending the thoughts of others to their will, extracting
information from the minds of their enemies, and
unleashing devastating psychic attacks that can leave
even the strongest foes reeling.

Drawing inspiration from the first edition of D&D,
the psionicist has been carefully crafted to fit seamlessly
into the fifth edition ruleset, while maintaining
the unique flavor of psionics that made it so popular
in the early days of the game. With a focus on mental
defense, communication, and assault, the psionicist
is a versatile and exciting class that offers a wealth
of options for creative players.

If you are ready to delve into the world of psionics,
the psionicist class offers a unique and rewarding
experience that is sure to keep you engaged and entertained
for hours on end. So sharpen your mind and
hone your skills, for the power of the mind awaits!

The Blackstaff's Book of 1000 Spells book cover showing two magic users facing off against a ghostly monster.

The Blackstaff’s Book of 1000 Spells

Behold, adventurer! This tome is a repository of knowledge, containing over 1,000 spells for every character class, occasion, and power level in the Fifth Edition of Dungeons & Dragons.  Its pages are filled with arcane secrets that have been gathered and recorded over the ages, including notes from some of the greatest spellcasters in D&D history, such as Mordenkainen, Elminster, Laeral Silverhand, and Acererak. With this tome in your possession, you shall have the power to wield magic in ways that few have ever dared to dream.  But beware, for with great power comes great responsibility. Use this knowledge wisely, and it shall serve you well on your adventures.

This title is available in PDF and Fantasy Grounds VTT format.

Faiths of the Forgotten Realms book cover showing a forgotten temple with an abandoned organ.

Faiths of the Forgotten Realms

Embark ye, brave traveler, on a celestial pilgrimage and resurrect the bountiful tales of the Faerûnian pantheon in thy Forgotten Realms quest!

This meticulously woven grimoire bestows upon players and Dungeon Masters alike the knowledge required to meld the 48 deities of Faerûn, as well as the devout followings of Corellon and Moradin, into their thrilling escapades.

Commune with the divine through an assortment of unparalleled spellcasting archetypes crafted for the devoted. Venture into the Calendar of Harptos to unearth the rituals and customs that mold the essence of each congregation. Augment thy gaming encounters with enchanted relics of the holy, and let thy campaigns flourish with hallowed scriptures and breathtaking divine artifacts.

This title is available in PDF, Print, and Fantasy Grounds VTT format.

Faiths of the Forgotten Realms II book cover showing a temple bathed in radiant light.

Faiths of the Forgotten Realms II

Rise, noble traveler, unto the Heavenly Firmament!

The sacred tome, Faiths of the Forgotten Realms, doth grace us anew with its hallowed second volume!

From the multitudes of the realms, 50 celestial beings hath been chosen, representing the revered pantheons of dragons, drow, dwarves, elves, gnomes, halflings, and orcs. Each divine entity is bestowed with a Deeper Faiths passage, shedding light upon the core of their spiritual teachings and the innermost drives that inspire their devoted disciples to dedicate their lives in unwavering service to their chosen heavenly guardian.

This title is available in PDF, Print, and Fantasy Grounds VTT format.

The Player's Companion book cover showing a werewolf, magic user, and warrior stepping out of a colorful portal.

Player’s Companion

Greetings, travelers and seekers of knowledge!

In my many years as a wanderer and guide, I have discovered a tome of great significance for the valiant champions of Dungeons & Dragons. This indispensable compendium unlocks a wealth of thrilling opportunities, empowering your characters to reach the pinnacle of their potential. Whether you are crafting a new hero or enhancing an existing one, this book shall be a trusted companion on your journey.

Take heed, for within these pages lie secrets and wisdom to elevate your gaming experience to heights yet unseen. Explore the vast and wondrous realm of possibilities that this esteemed volume has to offer, and let the adventure unfold before you.

So venture forth, dear traveler, and let the wonders of this Player’s Companion guide you on your path to becoming the legend that resides within.

This title is available in PDF format.

Blackstaff's Tome of Wizardry book cover showing two of the Blackstaff wizards.

Blackstaff’s Tome of Wizardry

Greetings, travelers and seekers of arcane knowledge!

Embark on a mystical journey through the versatile applications of magic in the Forgotten Realms, guided by two of the greatest wizards on Toril! Within the pages of Blackstaff’s Tome of Wizardry, you shall uncover a wealth of magical wisdom.

This enchanting tome presents 31 new archetypes for the wizard class, each accompanied by tailored spells to enrich and deepen your game experience – amounting to 139 new spells in total. Additionally, you will find 10 new creatures to create or summon. This exploration of magic is meticulously annotated by Vajra Safahr and Khelben Arunsun, the current and former holders of the esteemed office and artifact known as the Blackstaff.

Delve into the secrets of the various schools and associations of numerous new or rediscovered practitioners of the Art, beginning with the Alchemical Artillerists who specialize in large-scale battlefield magic. Be prepared to unlock the mystical potential within, and let the wisdom of this legendary tome guide you on your path to magical mastery.

This title is available in PDF and Fantasy Grounds VTT format.

Elminster's Guide to Magic book cover, a blend of red and yellow colors with magic symbols.

Elminster’s Guide to Magic

Greetings, adventurer! Embark on a journey through the magical realm with Elminster, the Sage of Shadowdale, as your guide. His vast knowledge is contained within the pages of this indispensable guide, which contains some of the most potent and fantastic magic ever created.

Within these pages, you will discover over 350 new spells that cover all schools and spellcasting classes. You will also find over 50 new magic items that can help you on your quest. But this guide is not just for experienced spellcasters. A guide for young wizards is included, as well as a history of the magical factions of the Forgotten Realms. Additionally, eight fantastic new faction-based archetypes will be revealed to you.

This book contains nearly 180 pages of content, with every page crammed full of information, both wonderful and weird. Elminster’s Guide to Magic is a must-have companion volume to the Player’s Handbook, and will transform your character into the ultimate spellcaster! Let Elminster take you on a journey of discovery that will unlock the true potential of your magical abilities.

This title is available in PDF and Fantasy Grounds VTT Format.

Elminster's Guide to Divination cover showing a yellow background and various symbols.

Elminster’s Guide to Divination

Greetings, adventurer! It is my pleasure to announce an exciting journey through the world of divination magic, guided by none other than Elminster, the Sage of Shadowdale. This tome is packed with new and fascinating information that will be sure to pique your interest.

Contained within these covers are over 50 new divination spells, allowing you to delve deeper into the realm of prophecy and foresight. Additionally, you will discover 14 new magic items that are sure to delight and surprise you. The four fantastic new archetypes will offer you new and exciting options to enhance your divining skills.

This guide also contains a new artifact that will grant you unprecedented powers of divination. A guide for young diviners is included, providing guidance and inspiration to those who are just beginning their journey.

This book is a must-have companion volume to Elminster’s Guide to Magic, filled with over 30 pages of content, each page crammed with information that is both illuminating and inspiring. Immerse yourself in the world of divination magic and transform your character into a first-class diviner with Elminster’s Guide to Divination.

This title is available in PDF format.

Mordenkainen's Lost Notebook cover, maroon with the title displayed.

Mordenkainen’s Lost Notebook

Greetings, adventurer! I have exciting news to share with you about a long-lost artifact that has recently been discovered. It is known as Mordenkainen’s Lost Notebook, and even its creator, the great Mordenkainen himself, has no knowledge of how it came to be lost. This artifact was lost for many years until it eventually found its way into the possession of the warlock Amira Metanova in the land of Barovia.

While most of the spells and magic items in this book are from previous editions of D&D, we have also included many brand new spells and items, fresh from the fevered brains of the creative team behind this book. Speaking of which, this team is made up of some of the brightest talent in the industry, creating content for the DM’s Guild. It was truly a pleasure and an honor to work with them, and we are confident that their expertise and creativity will add depth and excitement to your adventures.

This title is available in PDF, Print, and Fantasy Grounds VTT format.

Monsters of the Guild book cover with an illustration of a beholder.

Monsters of the Guild

Greetings, adventurer! I am pleased to announce an exciting project known as Monsters of the Guild. This project is driven by the community of the DMs Guild and includes over 100 incredible monsters for your Dungeons & Dragons 5e game. These monsters were created by 40+ of the Guild’s most talented and exciting monster creators, and we are honored to have their contributions.

Each of these monsters has been crafted with care, and is sure to add depth and excitement to your adventures. From fierce dragons to cunning kobolds, each creature is a unique and thrilling challenge for even the most seasoned adventurers. Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned veteran, there is something for everyone in this compendium of monsters.

The project is a testament to the creativity and passion of the DMs Guild community, and we are proud to be a part of it. We are confident that you will enjoy these monsters as much as we have enjoyed creating them. So, prepare yourselves, adventurers, for a journey that will test your skills and your courage. The monsters await, and they are ready for battle.

This title is available in PDF, Print, and Fantasy Grounds VTT format.

The Great Dale Campaign Guide book cover showing a druid surrounded by foliage in the deep forest.

The Great Dale Campaign Guide

Greetings, traveler! Welcome to the Great Dale, a realm of ancient secrets and mighty power. This land of opportunity and intrigue lies within the Unapproachable East, where powerful druids combat the remnants of a bygone empire. Uthmere, a rejuvenated city, serves as a hub of activity where factions compete for control, and adventurers seek fortune and glory.

The Great Dale Campaign Guide is your key to unlocking this fascinating land’s mysteries. This comprehensive guide provides the essential knowledge for thrilling adventures in the Great Dale, unveiling its history and the factions vying for power. Delve into exciting new options for players, including the Volodni race, class archetypes, backgrounds, feats, spells, and magic items.

Gather your companions and prepare for a journey into the heart of the Great Dale. With this indispensable guide, both Dungeon Masters and players will find a wealth of ideas to enrich their Forgotten Realms adventures. Embrace the enigma and embark on a quest that will take you to the very core of the Great Dale!

This title is available in PDF, Print, and Fantasy Grounds VTT format.

The Blackstaff's Treasury of Items book cover showing a ghostly knight with armor, sword, and shield.

The Blackstaff’s Treasury of Items

Welcome, esteemed seekers of arcane knowledge, to The Blackstaff’s Treasury of Items, a compendium of magical relics collected and studied by the legendary archmage of Waterdeep, the Blackstaff. This venerated title, renowned across numerous realms, signifies a legacy of wisdom and power. Now, these once-secret notes are available for your perusal, unlocking a trove of enchanted wonders.

Within this treasury, discover magic items of every variety, from rods, staves, and wands to potent armor and weaponry. Explore ensemble sets designed to be wielded in unison, unlocking new abilities when attuned to multiple items. Delve into enchanted attachments and grafts, allowing the fusion of magic with your own body. Uncover eldritch tattoos that inscribe sorcerous power upon your skin and a new chapter dedicated to infernal war machines, empowering you to craft your own devastating vehicles.

Find both new and converted magical items tied to the lore of the Forgotten Realms, Eberron, Ravenloft, and other worlds of D&D, ranging from simple arcane implements to empower your spells to unique artifacts with rich histories. The Blackstaff’s Treasury of Items holds countless surprises for those eager to harness the power of magic!

The Blackstaff's Warlock Codex book cover showing a tiefling in a misty red hellish background.

The Blackstaff’s Warlock Codex

Ah, young one, you seek the forbidden knowledge of the Blackstaff’s Warlock Codex, a compilation of hidden secrets and perilous magic for those who dare commune with otherworldly entities. This legacy of the legendary Blackstaff, a scholar of all spellcasting arts, unveils the mysterious power wielded by warlocks, who unleash eldritch might, forge pacts with infernal and fey beings, and cast hexing curses upon their foes.

A worthy successor to the Platinum-bestselling Blackstaff’s Book of 1,000 Spells, this codex enriches the enigmatic warlock class with new subclasses, patrons, pacts, variant features, and magical artifacts. Delve into the depths of pact magic and uncover roleplaying wisdom to enhance your experience with D&D’s most provocative class. Draw inspiration from tales and lore spanning Eberron, the Forgotten Realms, Ravenloft, and beyond, immersing your warlock in the vibrant tapestry of the D&D multiverse.

Brimming with over 40 new eldritch invocations, 8 otherworldly patrons, 5 novel pact boons, and 40+ magical items, including sentient artifacts, this codex also presents 60+ spells for all spellcasting classes, featuring both uncharted incantations and a curated collection from the Blackstaff’s Book of 1,000 Spells. Explore variant warlock features and roleplaying guidance to fully embody these new powers. The Blackstaff’s Warlock Codex shall irrevocably transform your perception of one of D&D’s most cherished classes!

This title is available in PDF format.

The Faithful of Eberron book cover, showing a cleric of the silver flame holding a banner on the battlefield.

The Faithful of Eberron

Ah, weary traveler, you seek the wisdom of the Faithful of Eberron, a tome that delves into the manifold beliefs that shape this wondrous world. Let me guide you through the sagas of the Sovereign Host, the Dark Six, the enigmatic warforged faiths, druid sects, and the eternal Undying Court. Within these venerable pages, you shall uncover the intricate workings of church hierarchies, alternate sects, distinct congregations, and even the clandestine heretical cults that dwell in the shadows of Eberron’s great religions.

Devote your heart and soul to the divine with 38 sacred archetypes, each meticulously crafted to embody a specific deity or celestial being. Walk the hallowed path of a Templar of the Silver Flame, embrace the eerie power of a nightmare sorcerer from the plane of dreams, or follow the journey of a warforged monk awakening to newfound emotions. Test the mettle of your companions with a myriad of Quori and Inspired stat blocks, suitable for any level of play, and confront legendary adversaries such as Lady Vol, the Lord of Blades, and the Voice of the Silver Flame, who wield awe-inspiring might.

Forge your character’s story with two new backgrounds, and weave enthralling narratives by delving into the religious complexities of Eberron. Let the Faithful of Eberron illuminate your path, dear traveler, and may the divine guide your steps on this grand adventure.

This title is available in PDF and Fantasy Grounds VTT format.